Broken In Paradise

Extended Travel is amazing, but there are pitfalls.A major one is getting injured.

First of all it’s terrifying. I luckily did not have to go to the doctor, but I very well could have. I immediately wanted my Mom and my sisters to be there, and then I just wanted to be home. Not my home is Hawaii, but my home in Illinois. But we can’t always get what we want so I had to deal with it.

Injuries are anything but convenient. A lot of awesome events come up that you can’t participate in because of it. If you’re not sure how bad it is you don’t want to go to the doctor because the price would be outrageous. If you have a job it’s probably not one you can call into. Have I mentioned it’s inconvenient?

The worst part about it is how vulnerable it makes a person feel. One day you are conquering the world, living in Hawaii, doing awesome shit! The next you’re laying around with your foot elevated wishing somebody would bring you ice because it hurts too badly to walk and you don’t want everybody to know how badly it hurts.

If you have ever been hurt while traveling alone you’ll realize how emotionally vulnerable it makes you feel. I started crying five times the day after I hurt my foot. I wanted to go back to Illinois, I did not want to deal with anything, and I was just done in general.

Coming out of the haze that being injured put on my brain, all I can think is that I am happy I got through it. My foot is healing, I got back to work, and life moved one. I still spend my days off resting my foot, focusing on healing, and missing the adventures my house mates are going on. The moral of this story is to let yourself feel miserable. Let yourself be pulled through the emotional and physical wringer. You will come out of it mentally stronger. And if you decide to buy a moped, try not to drop it on your foot……


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