Hitching My Way to Mental Well-being

Hitchhiking is so much fun! The first time I hitched I self consciously through the shaka out because (my host told me it was the best way to hitch),every other time a car drove by. I was hitching up a beautiful road lined with tall mango trees and thick jungle all around. It was 100% humidity, about 90 degrees, and I just wanted to get picked up, and was terrified that if I did get picked up something would happen.

So I walked for about an hour and a half and when I halfheartedly through my thumb up a truck pulled over and drove me all the way to the driveway I told them was my home because hell no was I letting a complete stranger who picks up hitch hikers up know where I lived. From there I lost that fear and I hitchhike almost everyday.


Many people that pick me up just want to know the basics; what I am doing in Hawaii, where I am from and what made me come out here, others don’t talk at all, some want directions, and the rest…Well the rest are the reason for this story. These people use the hitchhikers they pick up as their very own personal therapy sessions. They vent every bad thing that has happened to them.

Childhood traumas, their problem with their neighbors, illness, sickness, loved ones dying, small slights they have built up in their mind, their problem with the world in general, why everybody shouldn’t buy factory made goods, and any grievance you can think of is laid at your feet.

Many of them don’t want you to say anything, some want your sympathy, your outrage, agreement, or just a literal shoulder to lay on. It is overwhelming, and there are days you just wish somebody else had picked you up.

With every ride like this I learn about another facet of the human experience, I view the world from another way, I am able to work out my own problems from their experiences, offer advice, and to learn everyday how to stay mentally well.

These rides remind me to work on myself mentally, to think about the mental road blocks I have formed to keep myself safe during times of great stress, and to work on the anxiety I feel about seemingly random happenings.

Work on yourself, be beautiful from the inside out. Those who are hurt hurt others, those that are healed can then help others heal.


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