Looking For A Living

Living out of a backpack is awesome. It is easy to save because I do not spend money on frivolous stuff.  It happens, though the thought of, “Do I want to have the weight of this object on my back while on a ten hour layover?”, goes through my mind and most objects just are not worth it. I can choose to move to Pennsylvania and live with my Sister because she is having her first baby and wants family around. My time is mine because I do not have a career that takes up 40+ hours of my time.

What is unfortunate about being an eternal traveler is having to start over in the job market each time I move. With no degree there are still lots of options. I find myself wishing for stability, money wise that is. There are adventures that come from being desperate. I’ve taken jobs I normally would not, learned new skills, taught myself skills I may have lied about having, and meet people with awesome stories.

This is the beginning of my search for a job that can travel with me. I see hundreds of people with jobs blogging, freelance writing, and whatever other career they have found a niche in.  I want that and hopefully I can find it!

Here I go!



One thought on “Looking For A Living

  1. Have you considered other “work from home” type jobs, like virtual assistant? Things like this would only require an internet connection, and you could work from anywhere.

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