More than a month ago I moved from Hawaii back to the mainland. It sucked! The time change, the lack of sun, missing the ocean, seeing people wear “Make America Great Again” hats, everything about it just sucked. Positives were that I got to see my family in Illinois and I am now living In Pennsylvania with one of my sisters who is pregnant, WHOO!!

But the point of this story is this, how do you reset your brain to living in such a normal place? I am used to taking walk down to the ocean, Kava bars, ecstatic dance, Pidgin, going on hikes with majestic views, and now I am in Pennsylvania….. Now I know normal is a concept and that I can make living in Pennsylvania an amazing experience, I am just going to have to try a little harder a finding the adventure I had started to take for granted in Hawaii. Now I just need to find a spot to dance that isn’t my kitchen!



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